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TGC TheGreatCoin merupakan suatu sistem untuk menyimpan nilai (store value) bagi masyarakat global.


  • Total Supply TGC TheGreatcoin adalah 10 Milyar, hal ini karena supply untuk tokenisasi telah dihilangkan, demikian juga dengan prosedur tokenisasi.
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In Comparison

Characteristics Bitcoin TGC TheGreatCoin
Purpose Medium of exchange Store Value
Intrinsic Value No Yes
Dividend Policy No Buy back Mechanism
Total Number 21 millions 10 billions
Management No Yes
Type Crypto Currency Token
Capital Allocation No Yes
Underlying No Companies, Real Estates, etc.
Asset Class Currency ETF
Characteristics Stock TGC TheGreatCoin
Security Less Secure Secured
GCG Less Transparent Transparent
Agency Problem Yes No
Counter Party Risk Yes No, if only traded at DEX
Liquidity Illiquid Liquid, if it has been widely traded globally
Market National Global
Trend No Yes
Number of shares Unlimited Limited
Investors control No Yes
Easy to transfer No Yes, using internet
Characteristics Bank TGC TheGreatCoin
Riba on customers benefits Yes No
Customers are  automatically shareholders No Yes
Return of profits to customers No Yes
Customers are fully control on their money No Yes
Counter Party Risks Yes No
Solvency at a time of rush money No Yes
Government liability at time of rush money: Guarantee Yes No
Central Bank liability at time of rush money: BLBI Yes No
Fairness No Yes

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